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The Last Outpost has been around for quite some time now. Roo and Julio started working on it in 1991 with the recently released Diku Gamma 0.0 code. Some months later, it was in good enough shape to start playtesting with a wider, public, audience. Although LO quickly went into unattended 24 hour operation, it stayed in the 'playtesting' phase for almost the next decade-- until we were forced to do a 1.0 relase by virtue of having nearly run out of two place fracional release numbers!

Here then, for posterity, is the first post to and announcing that LO was open to the public. We consider the day of this post, July 9th, 1992, to be LO's official birthday.

From: (Anthony Ozzello)
Subject: New DikuMUD: Last Outpost
Message-ID: <>
Date: 9 Jul 92 13:28:33 GMT
Followup-To: poster
Lines: 18

        Yet ANOTHER New Diku!

  Hiya folks, we have a new Diku that we are starting to playtest. We are not
up always nor can we guarantee that we'll be up. But we have lots of stuff
that other muds don't have and a mix of things that others do. All new
areas and more to come. We're likely to be up from 7pm to 2 am central and
we'd like you to come by and help us playtest. Up for it? If so, come
check out the Last Outpost at or in ip numbers, that
would be port 4000. Hope to see you there, Roo and Julio.

Thanks, Julio and Roo.
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