A Historical DikuMUD List

Three Decades of Adventure

Don't let the page title fool you. These DikuMUD servers are not historical because they used to exist. They are historical because they are still online and playable! These are the DikuMUD based servers that have been up on the Internet for over thirty years.

The servers listed here are checked yearly, and were known to be up on Saturday July 22 2023. Any muds that are unreachable by DNS, IP address, or webpage, and could not be located with a simple web search at the time they were checked were marked defunct and will removed from the list on the next update. If you run a Diku Mud that has withstood the test of time and think it should be on this list, or if your listed mud has moved, please let RahjIII know about it. The cutoff date is 1994.

RahjIII started keeping this list based on one that AxL used to compile and post to rec.games.mud.diku.

AxL's Disclaimer from the original list, January 17 2002:

"This compilation is an ongoing list of the DikuMUDs that have withstood the test of time. This is not meant to be elitist in any way, it is just interesting to keep track of where the oldest muds are running. If you feel there is a mud that deserves to be on the list send me mail and tell me. After all, I am sure that I may have forgotten one or two, or not know that one is around anymore.

However, any mud that does not adhere to the DikuMUD license agreement, regardless of age, will _not_ be listed. This has always been the case, but now it is stated formally."

RahjIII's disclaimer:

"As of 2023, a lot of these guys don't show the banner required by AxL or the old DikuMUD license anymore. Times change, and so has the DIKUMUD License! I'm not going to track down if they've changed code bases or licenses or what. These were all Diku based muds at one time, and they are still up and running-- that's good enough for me."


ZeeMUD (formerly Mudde Pathetique) (1991)


Apocalypse V (1992)
Legends of Kallisti (formerly KallistiMUD) (1992)


Tempora Heroica (formerly Archipelago) (1993)