The Outpost Post
                                  08 Jan 2023

   The Cleric's Guild has been studying improvements into the 'cure' family of
spells. Through a combination of magical research, homeopathic practice, and
plain old faith in the Church of Set, the spells are now powerful enough to
cure entire groups of wounded with a single cast.  The spells can, of course,
still be directed to a single patient as needs dictate.

   In related news, the Mage's Guild reports that the 'calm' spell will be more
effective against vendettas, and other long term grudges.  In a demonstration,
the Guild Master cast the spell on our own Receptionist at the Last Resort, who
had been angry at a guest for being disruptive.  When asked how it felt, the
Receptionist replied, "I hold no ill will toward that guest, nor toward the
Mage's Guild.  Why would I ever be mad at either?"

   The Thieves' guild has also been active this week, changing the technique
used in the coldcock skill.  Please see your help scrolls for more

   Finally, and not to be out done, our Warrior's Guild has been working on
techniques to reduce the amount of wear and tear that equipment takes in
battle.  Whatever your weapon proficiency, you should automatically benefit
from that research.

   Have fun!
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