GMCP Loci.Hotkey

Copied from loci.hotkey.txt, found in the docs directory of the LociTerm client. The Last Outpost MUD and LociTerm support this GMCP module to add dynamic lables to the client hotkey menu.

GMCP Loci.Hotkey

Client must support:  "Loci.Hotkey 1"

	If client claims support, server will send hotkey definition update
	messages asynchronosly, as they become available, at the server's
	discretion.  The client SHOULD NOT cache updated definitions betweeen

Client to Server: 
	"Loci.Hotkey.Get" { }

	Request for server to send/resend all of the current hotkey definitions to
	the client.  May be sent at any time, or not at all.  Intended use is to
	indicate to server that all previously sent updates may have been lost due
	to a client reset, and need to be resent.  

Server to Client: 
	"Loci.Hotkey.Set" { 
		name: "",        // required
		label: ""  // required

	Message from server to client containing a hotkey definition.  May be sent
	at any time.  name: is a required field.  label: is a UI display name,
	intended to be used in on-screen buttons.

	"Loci.Hotkey.Reset" {
		name: ""	// optional

	Message from server to client indicating that the hotkey definintion MUST
	be reset to the client default value.  if name: not present, ALL
	definitions MUST be reset to defaults.