Players by Zone Rating

(Recent Players Only)

1Zalyr The Liege Lord of FlandellynThe Elemental Temple
2Sassafras the Priest, Ruler of the UnholyThe Elemental Temple
3Jameson Longtime Leader of the Last OutpostThe Elemental Temple
4Jorus .The Elemental Temple
5Payback .The Elemental Temple
6Hammer the InvaderThe Elemental Temple
7Buddha the human PatriarchThe Corsairs
8Rhea the Blue Rose --<--{💠The Corsairs
9Orym the Trophy SeekerThe Corsairs
10Glimmer the Master of the GuildsThe Corsairs
11Ilyrra is Grinding Out The LevelsThe Zodiac
12Aurelius the human Cut-ThroatThe High Cliffs
13Terra the elvish SorcererSpider Cave
14Talison the Captain of IndustryDruidia
15Salixar the ObservantThe Southern Woods