Players by total bankroll

(Recent Players Only)

1Zalyr The Liege Lord of Flandellyn99075142
2Jameson Longtime Leader of the Last Outpost26310969
3Jorus .26098275
4Buddha the human Patriarch13629686
5Godsgift the Old Crow8248620
6Hammer .5252537
7Jds .2601927
8Sinjin not Sinjen but im cool too2324396
9Jellybean the Consumer2143396
10Rhea the Blue Rose --<--{💠1882183
11Artemis the elvish Lady Knight1500910
12Aurelius .807871
13Naguul the gnomish Sorcerer645754
14Sidious the Stealer of Hearts565396
15Dusk til Dawn, Knight of Day310788
16Ilyrra the elvish Sorceress279201
17Glimmer the Master of the Guilds233788
18Terra the elvish Sorcerer164617
19Ducky the Return Customer3668
20Niebuhr the ogre Swordhand2921
21Squidko the Return Customer2225
22Gabrielle the human Filcheress1370