Players by total bankroll

(Recent Players Only)

1Zalyr The Liege Lord of Flandellyn99855411
2Kage the Clan Jumper36603975
3Jorus .31864330
4Jameson Longtime Leader of the Last Outpost26311738
5Jda .22024257
6Buddha the human Patriarch16329167
7Godsgift the Explorer8331376
8Hammer .6509087
9Payback .4948397
10Rylaz the Theurgic Undertaker3503037
11Orym the human Knight3481885
12Jellybean .2351525
13Rhea the elvish Sorceress1630427
14Artemis - I will be the fuse, boom.1527599
15Driz the Robber of the Rich1505190
16Aurelius .920519
17Naguul the gnomish Sorcerer786842
18Sidious the Stealer of Hearts567072
19Ilyrra the elvish Sorceress418371
20Terra the elvish Sorcerer263804
21Jenkins Joined the Choir Invisible138589
22Sassafras the Priest, Ruler of the Unholy89883
23Talison the elvish Magswoman41821
24Ixios the elvish Sentress7568
25Laina the Harmless Adventurer2491