Players by percentage of item types seen

(Recent Players Only)

RankNameItem Percentage
1Zalyr The Liege Lord of Flandellyn93.5
2Jorus .90.6
3Kage the Clan Jumper70.6
4Rhea the elvish Sorceress55.0
5Hammer .52.2
6Payback .49.2
7Orym the human Knight46.4
8Rylaz the Theurgic Undertaker45.6
9Jameson Longtime Leader of the Last Outpost41.6
10Godsgift the Explorer41.5
11Jellybean .38.3
12Sassafras the Priest, Ruler of the Unholy36.7
13Ilyrra the elvish Sorceress30.8
14Buddha the human Patriarch28.0
15Sidious the Stealer of Hearts21.6
16Driz the Robber of the Rich16.5
17Artemis - I will be the fuse, boom.15.8
18Naguul the gnomish Sorcerer7.6
19Talison the elvish Magswoman6.4
20Jenkins Joined the Choir Invisible5.8
21Aurelius .5.3
22Jda .4.3
23Jexx the gnomish Spell Student1.1