Achievement Titles

TitleEarned FromHeld By
the Re-IncarnatedDying 1 times38.4%
the Recently DeceasedDying 2 times26.1%
Joined the Choir InvisibleDying 3 times21.1%
the Unlucky AdventurerDying 5 times12.3%
of the Daisy Pushing ClanDying 7 times8.0%
the Corpse DropperDying 10 times6.6%
the Fool Who Rushes InDying 20 times3.2%
the Blue NorwegianDying 30 times1.6%
Pines for the NærøyfjordDying 40 times1.6%
the KamikazeDying 50 times1.4%

TitleEarned FromHeld By
the Small and MeekMaking 1 kills80.0%
the Harmless AdventurerMaking 4 kills63.6%
the Mostly Harmless AdventurerMaking 64 kills35.2%
the AdventurerMaking 128 kills29.5%
the Above Average AdventurerMaking 256 kills25.9%
the Competent AdventurerMaking 512 kills19.5%
the DangerousMaking 1024 kills14.8%
the DeadlyMaking 2048 kills11.6%
the Elite AdventurerMaking 4096 kills7.5%
the Insatiable AdventurerMaking 8192 kills4.3%
the Grim Reaper of LOMaking 16384 kills3.0%

Player Killed
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the Player KillerKilling 1 players0.9%
the ExecutionerKilling 4 players0.2%
the Grim ReaperKilling 8 players0.2%
the RipperKilling 16 players0.0%

Zones Claimed
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the LandlordClaiming 1 zones12.5%
the EnforcerClaiming 4 zones8.0%
the SquireClaiming 8 zones5.2%
the FreeholderClaiming 16 zones4.1%
of the Landed GentryClaiming 32 zones3.4%
the ExpansionistClaiming 64 zones2.5%
the VictoriousClaiming 128 zones1.6%
the ValliantClaiming 256 zones0.9%
the Conquering HeroClaiming 512 zones0.5%
Champion of the OutpostClaiming 1024 zones0.2%

Items Purchased
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the New CustomerBuying 1 items80.5%
the Return CustomerBuying 2 items60.2%
the Bargain HunterBuying 8 items38.2%
the Discerning ShopperBuying 32 items23.0%
the ConsumerBuying 128 items13.0%
Shop 'til You Drop!Buying 512 items6.4%
Supports The Local EconomyBuying 1024 items2.5%

Items Sold
TitleEarned FromHeld By
Just Got Paid TodaySelling 1 items56.8%
Got a Pocketfull of ChangeSelling 2 items53.4%
the Merchant in TrainingSelling 4 items49.3%
the Sales PersonSelling 8 items43.9%
the TraderSelling 32 items33.2%
the ProducerSelling 64 items27.0%
the Expert TraderSelling 128 items20.9%
the Captain of IndustrySelling 256 items17.0%
ABS - Always Be Selling!Selling 512 items10.5%
Supports the Global EconomySelling 1024 items5.5%

TitleEarned FromHeld By
Leader of the Last OutpostReclaiming the Outpost 1 times1.1%
The Once and Future LOLOReclaiming the Outpost 4 times0.9%
Our Leader of the Last OutpostReclaiming the Outpost 16 times0.5%
Longtime Leader of the Last OutpostReclaiming the Outpost 32 times0.2%

Made Clan Council
TitleEarned FromHeld By
of the Clan CouncilAppointed to council 1 times1.8%
the Voice of ReasonAppointed to council 2 times1.1%
Il ConsigliereAppointed to council 4 times0.7%

Made Clan Leader
TitleEarned FromHeld By
leader of the ClanElected leader 1 times1.6%
is Back in Charge!Elected leader 2 times0.9%
the PoliticianElected leader 3 times0.5%
your Fearless LeaderElected leader 4 times0.5%

Made Clan Member
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the InducteeEnrolling 1 times10.0%
the JoinerEnrolling 2 times6.1%
the Clan JumperEnrolling 5 times1.8%

Maps Located
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the Map SeekerDigging up 1 maps15.5%
the NighthawkDigging up 2 maps12.3%
the Treasure HunterDigging up 4 maps10.0%
the Gold DiggerDigging up 8 maps7.3%
the Cache RaiderDigging up 16 maps3.9%
the ArchaeologistDigging up 32 maps2.7%
the Discoverer of AntiquitiesDigging up 64 maps1.6%
the Relic HunterDigging up 128 maps1.4%
the Living AtlasDigging up 256 maps0.2%

Tax Collected
TitleEarned FromHeld By
Checks the TillsCollecting 1 in Taxes9.1%
the Tax CollectorCollecting 10000 in Taxes8.2%
the Customs OfficialCollecting 100000 in Taxes5.5%
the Internal Revenue AgentCollecting 1000000 in Taxes2.7%
Represents the EstablishmentCollecting 10000000 in Taxes0.7%

Tax Stolen
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the CrowStealing 1 in Taxes8.2%
the EmbezzlerStealing 10000 in Taxes7.0%
the Aku BirdStealing 50000 in Taxes4.8%
the Robber of the RichStealing 100000 in Taxes3.6%
the Old CrowStealing 150000 in Taxes3.0%
the Working Class HeroStealing 1000000 in Taxes0.9%
Works Outside the EstablishmentStealing 10000000 in Taxes0.0%

Heads Hunted
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the HeadhunterCollecting 1 Heads7.5%
Gives a Mean NoogieCollecting 8 Heads4.3%
the GuillotineCollecting 16 Heads3.9%
the Trophy SeekerCollecting 32 Heads3.0%
the HeadmasterCollecting 128 Heads1.4%
the Chief HeadmasterCollecting 256 Heads0.9%

Lost Your Head
TitleEarned FromHeld By
Got a Bad Hair CutLosing your head 1 times5.2%
Has an Itchy NeckLosing your head 2 times1.8%
the Walking Trophy ShopLosing your head 3 times0.9%
the Nearly HeadlessLosing your head 4 times0.2%
the Headless HeroLosing your head 8 times0.2%

Monsters Charmed
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the Oddly LikableCharming 8 Mobs10.2%
the Strangely CharmingCharming 32 Mobs7.7%
has Magical AppealCharming 64 Mobs6.6%
the Zoo KeeperCharming 128 Mobs4.3%
the PersuaderCharming 512 Mobs2.7%
the CharismaticCharming 1024 Mobs1.4%

Souls Redeemed
TitleEarned FromHeld By
Shows The Way to SalvationRedeeming 8 souls4.8%
Offers a Second ChanceRedeeming 32 souls4.3%
Prays for Your SoulRedeeming 64 souls3.9%
the Theurgic UndertakerRedeeming 128 souls2.7%
the NecromancerRedeeming 512 souls1.8%
the Necromanteion of AcheronRedeeming 1024 souls0.9%

Dragons Slain
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the Dragon SlayerSlaying 1 Dragons14.1%
of the Order of CadmusSlaying 4 Dragons10.0%
of the Order of GawainSlaying 16 Dragons5.7%
the Mighty Dragon SlayerSlaying 64 Dragons3.2%
the Bard of Lake TownSlaying 128 Dragons2.3%
the WyrmscalerSlaying 512 Dragons0.2%

Ghosts Vanquished
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the SoothsayerVanquishing 1 Ghosts28.2%
the ShamanVanquishing 8 Ghosts19.3%
the MediumVanquishing 32 Ghosts11.6%
the Ghost WhispererVanquishing 64 Ghosts7.0%
the Wraith RemoverVanquishing 128 Ghosts5.0%
the Ghost Buster!Vanquishing 512 Ghosts1.8%

Quests Completed
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the Guild RecruitCompleting 1 Quests76.8%
the QuestlingCompleting 4 Quests30.7%
the Loyal Guild MemberCompleting 8 Quests21.8%
Tilts at WindmillsCompleting 12 Quests15.7%
the Guild's FixerCompleting 16 Quests10.9%
the Ingenious Knight of LOCompleting 24 Quests5.0%
the Guild WolfCompleting 30 Quests3.2%

TitleEarned FromHeld By
The Liege Lord of FlandellynAnnexing the Fasthold 1 times2.0%

Gained 20x4
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the Master of the GuildsGaining 20x4 1 times8.4%
the Re-master of the GuildsGaining 20x4 4 times2.3%
the Often EducatedGaining 20x4 8 times1.6%
the Master of Graduate StudiesGaining 20x4 16 times1.1%

Details Found
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the Bright EyedFinding Details in 1 Rooms51.6%
the ObservantFinding Details in 5 Rooms23.4%
the Reader of SignsFinding Details in 10 Rooms16.8%
the ExplorerFinding Details in 50 Rooms8.0%
the InvestigatorFinding Details in 100 Rooms5.9%
the ArchaeologistFinding Details in 200 Rooms3.0%
Named The Dog IndianaFinding Details in 300 Rooms2.0%
Still Looking for WaldoFinding Details in 400 Rooms0.7%
Knows Where In The WorldFinding Details in 500 Rooms0.5%
Winner of the Dora AwardFinding Details in 600 Rooms0.5%

Decisions Made
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the Civil ServantMaking 1 government decisions9.3%
the Petty BureaucratMaking 5 government decisions6.4%
the DeciderMaking 10 government decisions5.2%
the Little Finger of GovernmentMaking 20 government decisions4.5%
the PoliticianMaking 21 government decisions4.3%
the Hand of the ClanMaking 40 government decisions3.9%
the Chief of StaffMaking 80 government decisions2.3%
the Puppet MasterMaking 160 government decisions2.0%
the Invisible HandMaking 320 government decisions1.6%

Zones Invaded
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the InvaderInvading 1 zones3.2%
the War ChiefInvading 4 zones1.8%
the WarlordInvading 8 zones1.8%
the Field MarshalInvading 16 zones1.1%
the BrigadierInvading 32 zones0.9%
the Major GeneralInvading 64 zones0.2%
the Supreme Leader of the Allied ForcesInvading 128 zones0.0%

Raids Launched
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the BarbarianLaunching 1 raids3.6%
the WandererLaunching 4 raids3.2%
the UsurperLaunching 8 raids2.3%
the ConquerorLaunching 16 raids1.8%
the AvengerLaunching 32 raids1.8%
of AquiloniaLaunching 64 raids1.8%
the DestroyerLaunching 128 raids1.1%

Largest Audience
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the Star of the StageStreaming to 1 players6.8%
the ProtagonistStreaming to 2 players0.9%
of the Stream Actors GuildStreaming to 3 players0.0%
the Lead PerformerStreaming to 4 players0.0%
This Year's Outpost IdolStreaming to 6 players0.0%
the Shameless ExhibitionistStreaming to 8 players0.0%

Highest Levels
TitleEarned FromHeld By
the NewbieGaining 1 levels84.8%
the Bunny SlayerGaining 2 levels69.5%
the Grasslands GraduateGaining 4 levels49.1%
the SkilledGaining 8 levels37.5%
the PracticedGaining 16 levels29.8%
the VenerableGaining 20 levels27.5%
the DedicatedGaining 32 levels23.4%
the RespectedGaining 40 levels19.3%
the HonorableGaining 60 levels12.7%
is Grinding Out The LevelsGaining 64 levels11.8%
is On The Home StretchGaining 75 levels8.4%
the DistinguishedGaining 80 levels7.7%