The Last Outpost is a text adventure game. It will almost certainly look different on your screen than it does here, but the text will be the same!

This was taken from a Linux box. The terminal program is 'rxvt -geometry 80x26 -fn 8x16 -fg white +sb -title "The Last Outpost" -e telnet 4000'.

kill da wabbit.

The LOinaBox web client running in retro fullscreen "Green Terminal" mode. It sure looks a lot like a DEC VT220!


This is the client at Mud Portal.

Mud Portal

This is a semi-transparent rxvt shell running on Linux under the KDE window manager. The background image of a forest is showing through.

Rahj's Terminal

This is the LOinaBox web client running on an Android phone.


Android Android

This is the LO web client running on the center console of a Jaguar I-Pace. (Seriously, not fake. LO is playable on a car.)

Jaguar I-Pace

Have you seen this in game? If so, congratulations!

Remort Screen

Here is the first screenshot of the new wide-mode graphic!


This is the LOciTerm client running on Apple iOS.

Apple iOS Apple iOS Apple iOS