A Brief History of The Last Outpost
As Pertains to the Arrival
of Year 100, New Empire

Rahjiii says 'The history of the world is long, but we will begin'
Rahjiii says 'with the old empire.  The empire was huge and old.'
Rahjiii says 'It was ruled over time by many rulers,'
Rahjiii says 'and it was peacefull, and very advanced.'
Rahjiii says 'They had mastered many magics that you no longer remember.'
Rahjiii says 'they had magic, and something more powerfull.'
Rahjiii says 'they had science. '
Rahjiii says 'how can i describe that...'
Rahjiii says ''science' is an almost godlike understanding of the world.'
Rahjiii says 'I was very proud of those mages of the old empire,'
Rahjiii says 'and we, the gods, fostered them.'
Rahjiii says 'they were figureing things out that we thought no mortal could.'
Rahjiii says 'again, we are all holy things.. you are all godlike in a way, wether you acknowledge it or not.'
Rahjiii says 'but, i digress...'
Rahjiii says 'there was one mage who knew more than any.'
Rahjiii says 'He was quite a guy, and a good freind of mine.  '
Rahjiii says 'I gave him a lot of inside knowledge of the world.. '
Rahjiii says 'some of you know, im a sucker for people who get close to the right answer. ;')'
Rahjiii says 'well.. that mage, the dark mage, was getting powerfull.'
Oolong says 'the dark mage!?'
Rahjiii says 'the dark mage, whos name i will not speak.'
Rahjiii says 'The dark mage was very powerfull.. he was almost a god.'
Rahjiii says 'but, in many ways he was still mortal.'
FoFo says 'cool not'
Rahjiii says 'he lusted for power.'
Rahjiii says 'I knew that he lusted to controll the empire,'
Rahjiii says 'but I did not realize that he lusted to control the rules of our world as well!'
Rahjiii says 'One seldom suspects ones freinds, eh?'
Rahjiii says 'Well, you all know that I try very hard not to interfere with mortal matters,'
Rahjiii says 'unless they are of great importance.'
Rahjiii says 'so when he made his plan to destroy the empire,'
Rahjiii says 'i didnt stand in the way...'
Rahjiii says 'after all, it was him agains the whole empire.. '
Petrock says 'i love those odds...'
Rahjiii says 'Roo and i wanted to watch the fight. ;)'
Petrock says 'watching is what gods to best...'
Rahjiii says 'And thats why there are no horses.'
Petrock says 'excuse me for interrupting'
Rahjiii says 'the old empire was a horse-based economy.'
Petrock says 'i always wondered why there were no horses...'
Rahjiii says 'it was the only way to cross something that large.. on horseback.'
 Oolong says 'good thing i didn't hold my breath :)'
Petrock says 'just curious... why is the town trying to build stables?'
Rahjiii says 'The Outpost is an old remnant of the empire, prock.'
Rahjiii says 'built when there WERE horses.'
Rahjiii says 'so..'
Petrock says 'i see...'
Rahjiii says 'The Dark one, using magic and 'science' found a way to kill the horses--'
Rahjiii says 'the weak link in the whole empiral system.'
Rahjiii says 'without a fast way across the empire, trade stopped, communication stopped,'
FoFo says 'Way cool!'
Rahjiii says 'and the orcs that were once held in check by mounted partys of Empiral Warriors flourished.'
Rahjiii says 'and the rest is history.'
FoFo says 'this is better then i guessed it would be'
Rahjiii says 'the Dark one beat the empire by destroying the one thing that held it together.'
Petrock says 'that's nice fofo... why don't you be quiet so the rest can hear :)'
FoFo says 'Ok'
Rahjiii says 'and that is where we are now...  you and your ancestors have been fighting'
Rahjiii says 'to regain control of this bit (a very small bit) of the empire.'
ilOolong says 'oh, i thought you meant fighting each other'
Oolong says 'sorry chris'
Petrock says 'so is this 100 years into the rebirth of the old empire?'
Rahjiii says 'sometimes it is hard to tell, oolong. ;)'
Rahjiii says 'no.'
Rahjiii says 'this is 100 years from the reformation of the empire.'
Rahjiii says 'the empire still exists, it is far over the mountains.'
Rahjiii says '100 years ago, the emprie offically redrew its borders,'
Petrock says 'wow...'
Indica says 'today is the 31st day of the month BTW'
Indica says '22 ticks till yr 100'
Wyatt says 'does the empire have a different telnet address?'
Rahjiii says 'and excluded most of the world from empirial controll.'
Rahjiii says 'no wyatt.'
Rahjiii says 'so, now you know a bit more about the calandar.'
Rahjiii says 'back to the mage.'
Petrock says 'how did he meet his defeat?'
Rahjiii says 'after beating back the empire, '
Rahjiii says 'the mage realized that he could not tame the land either!'
Rahjiii says 'after all, he never did hold an army...'
Chaos says 'ok, catch me up :)'
Rahjiii says 'and orcs are not wimps. ;)'
Chaos says 'in dorm with a brew :)'
Rahjiii says 'so he started befreinding the orcs.'
Rahjiii says 'now, even after he had won the trust of the orcs,'
Rahjiii says 'he didnt have an easy time.  '
Petrock says 'you made life ropugh for him :)'
Rahjiii says 'the population even out here on the frontere was large,'
Rahjiii says 'and they REALLY didnt like him much.'
Petrock says 'who is they?'
Chaos says 'sorry :)'
Rahjiii says 'in a large battle, his tower was overthrown, and he was exiled from the'
Rahjiii says 'lands surrounding the outpost by your ancestors.'
Rahjiii says 'now be quiet, fofo.'
Rahjiii says 'anyone know where the old tower was?'
Rahjiii says 'hands please...'
aRahjiii says 'it used to guard the maze. ;)'
Oolong says 'oh, that tower'
Oolong says 'with that ghost'
Rahjiii says 'that ghost is not him, btw...'
Oolong says 'the farmers must've knocked it down while remodeling'
Rahjiii says 'thats a different story, and urelated to the problem approching.'
Petrock says 'keep speaking!'
Rahjiii says 'so, the dark one fled...'
Rahjiii says 'and he hid with the orcs.'
Rahjiii says 'and they built a new tower.'
Petrock says 'is he still in hiding?'
Rahjiii says 'anyone know where that one stands?'
Wyatt says 'paste the mountains?'
Chaos says 'the big black tower?'
Rahjiii says 'the big black tower. ;)'
FoFo says 'what?'
Chris says 'death lake :)'
Rahjiii says 'and there he sat, making a fortress.'
Rahjiii says 'now The Gods of the Last Outpost didnt have any real problem with events'
Someone says 'may i ask a question?'
Rahjiii says 'up to this point...'
Rahjiii says 'sure chaos.'
Chaos says 'who is this? I came back late.'
Petrock says 'i cast 'farsee' petrock where this is going... i think'
Rahjiii says 'the dark mage.'
Rahjiii says 'Back to the story...'
Chaos says 'ahh, ok, thanks :)'
Rahjiii says 'mortal matters are mortall matters, afterall.  We werent concerned with '
Rahjiii says 'the dark mage and his conquests.'
Rahjiii says 'they were kind of sad, and i didnt like the '
Rahjiii says 'horse thing,'
Rahjiii says 'but thats the way it goes sometimes.'
Petrock says 'has the dark mage returned?'
Oolong says '(sorry, it was for love)'
Rahjiii says 'no.'
Rahjiii says 'but, remember the other part of his plans?'
Rahjiii says 'he wanted to change the rules of the world.'
Petrock says 'oh...'
Rahjiii says 'One of those rules happens to be, Only God can make a Tree'
Rahjiii says 'or a frog, or a squirrel, or a rabbit for that matter.'
Petrock says 'how many rules are there? :)'
Rahjiii says 'many. ;)'
Rahjiii says 'yess oolong?'
Oolong says 'so the tangle tree is his fault?'
Petrock says 'did dark mage ever learn of such things?'
Rahjiii says 'no, he didnt make the tangle. ;)'
Oolong says 'oh'
Rahjiii says 'what he did do is discover the secret of life.'
Rahjiii says 'now.. at first i thought it was great. '
Rahjiii says 'a mortal becoming a near god!  '
Petrock says 'did he abuse his knowledge?'
Petrock says 'what harm did he do?'
Petrock says 'besides the horses ;)'
Rahjiii says 'well, he took my creations and made them.. ugly..'
Rahjiii says 'ever see a fouled duck?'
Petrock says 'that would explain the cityguards'
Chaos says 'doh'
Rahjiii says 'awfull things...'
Oolong says 'foul'
Wyatt says 'deformed servant?'
Rahjiii says 'so, I helped organize the residents of the area,'
Oolong says 'fowl'
Rahjiii says 'and roo armed them,'
Petrock says 'and they kicked butt :)'
Rahjiii says 'and julio gave them bravery,'
Petrock says 'and they kicked butt :)'
Rahjiii says 'and marek flattend the mountains for them...'
Petrock says 'and they kicked butt :)'
Rahjiii says 'and they failed.'
Petrock says 'and they...'
Petrock says 'i was on a roll, too :)'
Rahjiii says 'The dark one created a race of beings IN MY IMAGE, and they told the army to drop their weapons'
Rahjiii says 'on penalty of holy jailing...'
Chaos says 'dopsodods'
Rahjiii says 'and when they disarmed, they were slaughterd.'
Petrock says 'what is this?'
Chris says 'dop is a big ugly nasty thing'
Oolong says 'that's not nice to say about rahj's image'
Wyatt says 'where does thrall come in?'
Rahjiii says 'dopsodods.  The mage, who couldnt make something beutiful if he wanted too,'
Petrock says 'but it says it looks like rah :)'
Rahjiii says 'tried to make me.'
Chris says 'well they are ;)'
Rahjiii says 'so.. roo and julio and i had a huddle,'
Rahjiii says 'and we decided that if The Dark one wanted to make gods,'
Rahjiii says 'we should let him.'
Rahjiii says 'and i should say out of fairness,'
Rahjiii says 'that he fought the dops well..'
Rahjiii says 'he did imprison them, and he almost beat them.'
Rahjiii says 'but they poisoned him... '
Rahjiii says 'and he was almost dead himself.'
Oolong says 'almost?'
Petrock says 'where is he? i'll slit his throat :)'
Rahjiii says 'The Dark One used the last of his power to send himself Over The Sky'.
Rahjiii says 'now.. where is he?'
Rahjiii says 'i dont know, i havent really cared.'
Wyatt says 'petrock. hire johnnie and youll get off too =)'
Rahjiii says 'untll now.'
Rahjiii says 'a level 13 demon contacted me about the comeing year 100,'
Oolong says 'level 13?'
Rahjiii says 'to remind me of the dark ones promise...'
Rahjiii says 'As he left our world,'
Rahjiii says 'he swore that were the empire to rise again,'
Petrock says 'are we warriors being called upon?'
Rahjiii says 'he would give them a century to regroup before he came to do it all again.'
FoFo says 'no'
Rahjiii says 'well.. '
Rahjiii says 'almost 100 years ago, the empire (a much smaller version of it)'
Rahjiii says 'made the claim that they had re-risen.'
Rahjiii says 'now.. maybe the dark one took them seriously,'
Rahjiii says 'maybe not.'
Rahjiii says 'I dont know, and that is why i called this meeting.'
Rahjiii says 'in 4 mdays, year 100 will arrive.'
Petrock says 'what are we deciding?'
Rahjiii says 'will the mage come?'
Rahjiii says 'i dont know.'
Rahjiii says 'but you must be prepared for it.'
Petrock says 'is the dark one ever late?'
Rahjiii says 'the dark one is always late...'
Rahjiii says 'frankly, i dont hold him in very high esteem. ;)'
Rahjiii says 'he never could do a damn thing right as far as i was concerned. '
Petrock says 'will you stand with us Rahjiii? even if it is a mortal problem....'
Rahjiii says 'no,'
Rahjiii says 'no petrock, I will not.'
Rahjiii says 'i can not.'
Petrock says 'riptor... good'
Petrock says 'can you give us your blessing?'
Rahjiii says 'Unless he thretens the rules of my world.'
Wyatt says 'can you give us advice on how to thwart him?'
Rahjiii says 'then Roo Julio and I will all bear swords!'
Riptor says 'hit hard'
Riptor says 'cast spells, cast 'heal' that tank'
Rahjiii says 'that i can not.'
Rahjiii says 'i dont know if he is coming.'
Rahjiii says 'now, if he does come,'
Wyatt says 'can you give us metallic potions?'
Rahjiii says 'yess oolong?'
Oolong says 'i remember when the rules changed so that nobody could be summoned from the grasslands'
Oolong says 'was that his evil doing?'
Rahjiii says 'that was julios evil doing. ;)'
Petrock says 'i've been summoned out of the grass lands...'
Rahjiii says 'and it wasnt evil, it was with the best of intentions. ;)'
Oolong says 'oh, ok'
Rahjiii says 'so...'
Rahjiii says 'i want to warn you all.'
Rahjiii says 'if you see him, run.'
Chaos says 'Wolf!'
Rahjiii says 'flee.  recall.'
Riptor says 'hi there wolf! :)'
Petrock says 'in real life time... how long will it take?'
Rahjiii says 'he is dangerous.. almost a god.'
Rahjiii says 'petrock, i dont know.'
Petrock says 'and can he attack inside the city?'
Oolong says 'guys, he is evil after al'
Oolong says '...l'
Riptor says 'brb'
Rahjiii says 'he might be able to crumble the world, guardian.'
Rahjiii says 'We simply do not know.'
Petrock says 'will begging the gods help any?'
Someone says 'who are we talking about? :)'
Rahjiii says 'he has been a godlike thing behind the sky for some time now.'
Rahjiii says 'he may return in a very powerfull form.'
Rahjiii says 'BUT,'
Petrock says 'would you like to cast 'farsee' petrock your world crumble, rah?'
Petrock says 'i must go'
Rahjiii says 'I am certain that he will not appear in our world in a powerfull state.'
Rahjiii says 'he will be weak.'
Oolong says 'yay'
Rahjiii says 'if he comes.'
Riptor says 'woo hoo :)'
Wyatt says 'its probably fofo'
Rahjiii says 'and that is all I have to say.  Be on your guard.  and be strong!'
Riptor says 'Did you guys know fofo is a first grader irl?'
Rahjiii says 'and band togeterh.'
Chaos says 'thank you rahjiii'
Thunka says 'against who!?!'
Rahjiii says 'hell may well be coming to earth.'
Oolong says 'rahjiii...'
Riptor says 'awww.'
Rahjiii says 'yes?'
iOolong says 'may the highest of the clerics meet here and discuss more of these matters?'
Riptor says 'And i wanted to throw a couple daggers at him too..'
wRiptor says 'oh well'
Rahjiii says 'yes, any time.'
Oolong says 'groovy'
Rahjiii says 'and if any of you do see him,'
Rahjiii says 'let the others know of it.'
Oolong says 'so, i'm not sure if i came too late to hear about the formation of the world and all that'
Rahjiii says 'use the board as your communication link.'
Riptor says 'Im sorry, I missed him, but do you know around what time this hellish demon is s'posed to come?'
Riptor says 'I missed the first part of the story..'
Rahjiii says 'he said he would give the empire 100 years after its reformation to collect itself.'
Riptor says 'okie'
Rahjiii says 'after that, he would come again.'
Rahjiii says 'now,'
Riptor says 'okie dokie'
Rahjiii says 'the world is obvoiusly not right yet.'
Rahjiii says 'but the rulers of the center of the empire DID'
Rahjiii says 'claim that they were back in power'
Rahjiii says 'one hundered years ago.'
Rahjiii says 'so i fear that he may return on those grounds.'
Rahjiii says 'see the problem?'
Oolong says 'he'll come back and it'll be easy for him to take over the empire'
Rahjiii says 'that is what I fear.'
Wyatt says 'cuz we wil all be drunk from celebrating'
Rahjiii says 'and HERE is where he will come.'
Rahjiii says 'not the center of the empire where his grudge lies...'
Chris says 'ahh'
Rahjiii says 'but HERE, where he last was in this world.'
Oolong says 'why wouldn't he take over the middle of the empire?  why would he take over such an isolated chunk?'
Wyatt says 'here in the town? or here at the altar?'
Rahjiii says 'magic is funny that way oolong...'
Oolong says 'i dunno.  i think he might appear in the center of the empire and work his way outward slowly'
Rahjiii says 'his link to us is here.  here he must come first.'
Wyatt says 'or appear on the edge, and take small bites =)'
Rahjiii says 'who knows.'
Oolong says 'look at the title...'
Oolong says 'it's magnifica'
Rahjiii says 'like i said, if he was able to wwatch the progress of the world,'
Rahjiii says 'he just wouldnt bother coming at all.'
Rahjiii says 'there is nothing here to destroy yet.'
Rahjiii says 'so...'
Rahjiii says 'thats all i have to say.'
Nobody says 'this the safe area?'
Wyatt says 'This is ground zero.'

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