Original game idea, concept, and design:

              Katja Nyboe               [Superwoman] (katz@freja.diku.dk)
              Tom Madsen              [Stormbringer] (noop@freja.diku.dk)
              Hans Henrik Staerfeldt           [God] (bombman@freja.diku.dk)
              Michael Seifert                 [Papi] (seifert@freja.diku.dk)
              Sebastian Hammer               [Quinn] (quinn@freja.diku.dk)

Additional contributions from:

Michael Curran  - the player title collection and additional locations.
Ragnar Loenn    - the bulletin board.
Bill Wisner     - for being the first to successfully port the game, uncovering
                  several old bugs, uh, inconsistencies, in the process.

And: Mads Haar and Stephan Dahl for additional locations.

Developed at:
  DIKU - The Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen.

The Last Outpost Crew is:

Roo, Julio, and Rahjiii

Contributors to the Last Outpost:

Roo - damn near all of the code.
Julio - main town, topography, wasp nest, perimeter, trog town, old road, some code, fires of doom, mesa and cliffs, mountains, Flandellyn
Mom - farmland, maze, tower lake
Rahjiii - shroom caves and dopsodod caves, old road, swamps, canymug, sodhouse, tower lake, kobolds, code work
MickII - druidia
Marek - The foothills, code work
Mack - Treetops and Under the Canopy, Desert, Castle in the Clouds
Hobbes - Treetops, Under the Canopy, Desert, Castle in the Clouds
Skippy - Old Road mobs
Layla - Tide Pools, tower lake, Ocean
Dogan - Gnome Village
Zophia - Haunted Mansion
Anvil - Temple of the Fly
Darmok - Steppes

Our Hardware Support:

Ewe - System support at the U of Mn
Marek - System support at Cray
Object - System support at U of Md
Nighthawk - System support at the U of Hawaii
Foul - System support at Millenium Communications
Special thanks to Duke of Sequent for the use of fragments of his code and spells. Special thanks to the authors of Copper2 Diku, we used your multiple board code. A big round of applause for anyone who has publicly released their mods to the Diku code.